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Rixson 996M Surface Mounted Electromagnetic Door Holder

Rixson 996M
Rixson 996M996M Surface Mounted Holder Drawing 1996M Surface Mounted Holder Drawing 2996M Surface Mounted Holder Drawing 3
MSRP: $731.00
Purchase Price: $438.60
Part Number: RIX-996M-689
Manufacturer: Rixson
MFG Model #: 996M-689

Rixson Model 996M

Surface Mounted Electromagnetic Door Holder in Aluminum Finish

Wall Mount
Surface Wiring
Tri-Voltage Magnet
Aluminum Cover (NEW as of June 2017)

689, Spayed Aluminum

Electromagnetic Door Holders/Releases* with NEW heavy-duty aluminum housing. Electromagnetic door holders/releases are designed for virtually any remote door release applications. They must be used in conjunction with closing devices.

Fire/smoke barrier doors
Door releases when tripped by an alarm or smoke detector

Private offices
Door releases when triggered by a remote switch

  • All devices come with a wall/floor portion and a door portion (armature)
  • Circuit normally closed
  • Door portions have screws and plates to accommodate surface and concealed mounting
*Various floor, wall and surface mount versions available

Model 996M Features

  • 30-40 lbs. holding power with Tri-Volt Magnet
  • Total Projection: 4-1/8"
  • 1-1/2" deep adapter housing
  • UL listed door holder
  • Voltage and Current for Tri-Volt Magnet:
    • 120VAC, 60 Hz., .020 amp
    • 24VAC/DC, 60 Hz., .020 amp
    • 12VDC, .040 amp
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