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SUREClose 57SF W Center Mount Gate Closer

57 W Center Mount Gate Closer - Weld-On
57 W Center Mount Gate Closer - Weld-On57 W Drawing SUREClose 57SF W Swing ChartCenter Mount ApplicationCenter Mount Photo
Our Price: $187.75 (+$43.85)
Part Number: DDT-57SF-W
Configuration: +7526
Manufacturer: D&D Technologies
MFG Model #: 75057124

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SUREClose 57SF W Heavy-Duty Gate Hinge and Closer

Center Hung Mount by D&D Technologies
For self-closing, non-hold open weld on steel gate applications

All SureClose hinges and closers come packaged with the gate mounting bracket included.
Pre-Configured with optional post bracket included in price (required for new installations).
Also available -Less Post Bracket

SureClose 57SF W is a center mounted concealed hydraulic gate closer and hinge. Closing speed is adjustable using the included adjustment tool.

Designed to never leak hydraulic fluid, the SureClose 57 is extremely safe and does not offer resistance if closed quickly in an emergency. Soft, quiet closure also protects the latching/locking system. Tested to 500,000 open/close cycles and a 1,500lb. point load.

This model features a non-hold open function suitable for pool and safety gates. SF models open to and self-close from 90°

See SureClose 57 W for the hold-open functionality

  • ADA Compliant
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Visibly small footprint
  • Highly tamper resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Self-closes gates up to 180 lbs. (with two 57SF closers) or up to 90 lbs. (with one 57SF closer and one SM hinge)
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Size & Load Capacity Chart

SUREClose Size Chart

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